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Simple Timeline of Paul Reps Life

Date Event
9/15/1895 Paul Reps is Born in Cedar City, IA
1920 Attends Dartmouth College
1935 Reps visits with eastern spiritual teachers. "I've been several times in India. And I've spent part of 14 years in Japan, some on the China mainland." My farthest ski jump was only 72 feet, and in judo only a brown belt.
1939 More Power To You – Poems Everyone Can Make (cloth) is Published by Preview Publications
9/1/1948 Reps Meeting Bill Segal on a trip to Japan they are greeted by a group of some 40 admirers.
1951 UNKNOT THE WORLD IN YOU (paper) Sequoia University Press
1952 An exhibit of picture poems in Japan hanging from bamboo structure as washing. The wind helped everything to move. It was a great success.
1957 Zen Flesh, Zen Bone is Published (cloth, slipcased) Charles Tuttle Co. consisting of: 101 Zen Stories 1939; The Gateless Gate 1934; 10 Bulls 1935; Centering 1955
1960 Big Bath is Published
1962 Zen Telegrams is Published (paper) Tuttle
3/13/1962 It was terrifically hot in Hong Kong, all Chinese present admiring the poems. In a day I was in Frankfurt,the next day got my VW camper in Hamburg and the next day in Denmark. Am presently living in Molde, Norway.
6/1/1963 Reps Playshops in Colorado
1964 PICTURE POEM PRIMER (paper) Liu/American Fabrics
10/7/1964 reps in Hilo, Hawaii.
1965 Unwrinkling Plays is Published(paper) Tuttle
5/1/1966 Reps Resides in Seattle and Vancouver
1967 Square Sun Square Moon is Published(paper) Tuttle
1967 ASK A POTATO is published (paper) American Fabrics
3/1/1967 Exhibits of work in Good Konst Gallery, Goteborg, with a lot of publicity from the newspapers and many enjoyed the showings. Also gave a talk at the Great Konstmuseum.
5/12/1967 Gives talks in Boulder , Colorado
1969 Gold and Fish Signatures is Published (paper) Tuttle
1969 10 Ways to Meditate is Published (hard cover/mahogany boards) Walker/Weatherhill
1969 Builds a Dark/Light House in Paauilo Hawaii -- enjoys living there,years later selling it back for same price he paid.
1971 BE! is published (paper) Walker/Weatherhill
9/9/1974 With this cheerful news I advise you of my arrival in Victoria and departure for Zen Center San Francisco for month of October.
1975 SIT IN is published (paper) Zen Center Press
9/1/1977 Hawaii Reps Playshops with Rick & Annie Bernstein
1978 Juicing is Published (paper) Doubleday
3/1/1980 Reps Resides in Waimea, Hawaii
12/1/1981 "Reps -- Letters to a Friend" is Published
9/1/1986 - 1990 reps resides in Waimea til just before passing; often planning to journey elsewhere; but finding it difficult to leave Hawaii
2/15/1990 - 3/18/1990 last departure from Hawaii goes to Vancouver, Canada
3/18/1990 - 7/12/1990 last departure from Vancouver; moves to Los Angeles to escape late winter cold
7/12/1990 Reps dies in Los Angeles, CA two months before 95th birthday

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